About Us

PestShield is a family owned and operated business based in Manatee County, FL.

With approximately 25 years combined experience, the DiBella family has served the pest and termite needs of Florida's West Coast all the way from Tampa to Naples.

Providing curative and preventative services to Residential, Commercial and Condominium properties, the focus has been on providing customized packages that offer what the customer truly needs, no more, no less.

Members of various industry specific organizations, our goal is to educate ourselves about all nuisance pests that are being introduced into Florida so we can identify and distribute effective control measures to our clients. PestShield believes education is key in the success of eliminating pest and termite infestations.

By identifying the cause and source of all infestations we provide insight to customers on how to solve existing and avoid future infestations. Education in this industry identifies how insects, rodents and termites alike evolve as well as providing new innovative ways to eliminate such threats from our structures.

Our company motto is to protect and to serve our customers from all pest, rodent and termite nuisances by providing customized packages specific to their property needs. Certified, Licensed & Insured. Certificate of Insurance available upon request.