Interior Pests

When providing interior pest services, special attention is made to all plumbing areas.

All insects require water in order to sustain their lives. Plumbing areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, etc. are known areas where pests reside and colonize behind our walls.

Insects enter into our living areas through many avenues such as:

1. Carried in from host.
2. Open windows or doors.
3. Cracks and crevices.
4. Faulty weather striping.
5. Dried bath traps.
6. Attic spaces.
7. Crawl spaces.
8. Attached garages.
9. Purchased at store and transferred home.

Not all insects are eliminated by the same control methods which require an interior service to be planned out accordingly.

PestShield protects the interior of your structure by identifying the attractants that are present and conditions conducive that allow insects to thrive, eliminate those sources as threats and create an outer barrier that deters unwanted pests from entering the treated zone.