Exterior Pests

Exterior pest services are crucial to the success of all pest programs.

ext_pest_1By acknowledging and understanding the conditions conducive to pest infestations, these infestations can be corrected and controlled.

With Floridas tropical climate, conditions are just right year round for most general pests to populate and contaminate our structures. This includes, but is not limited to: native and non-native ants, all species of roaches, drain flies, spiders, silverfish, earwigs, scorpions, paper wasps, moths and mud daubers.

Exterior pest services are the most critical portion of a pest service. Identifying pest entry points and eliminating those access areas are absolutely vital for the success of a pest service.

1. If mature vegetation is touching a structure, or mature trees tower over the structure, these situations act as a bridge and provide pests with access to a structure.

2. Flowering plants such as Hibiscus are attractants for native and non-native ants. These types of plants should be kept clean and trimmed. When there are cracks in stucco, faulty caulking around windows or small openings where utility lines are stationed, caulking should be completed to eliminate those avenues of access.

ext_pest_44. Rainwater management (gutter systems) should always be directed away from a structures foundation.

5. Seed pods act as food sources for insects as well as rodents and should be removed.

Most of the general public does not recognize that insect populations require food, water and shelter in order to thrive within our structures.

PestShield will evaluate all attractants and conditions that are conducive to pest infestations. All findings will be corrected or reported to the customer or authorized agent for each property visit.

By acknowledging and treating exterior conditions that attract unwanted pests to the area, we are able to drastically reduce the quantity of pests that enter a structure.

This process will also reduce the need for interior pesticide usage helping to keep our customers indoor air quality at its best.