Roaches, also known as waterbugs, croton bugs or palmetto bugs, are very common in Florida.

Another common roach found in Florida is the German Roach.

Why you should be concerned about roaches.

• Roaches destroy food, and damage fabrics, bookbindings, and other materials.
• When roaches come in contact with food, they spread disease and germs.
• Roaches secrete an oily liquid that has a bad odor. This oily liquid can ruin food and soil your belongings.
• Roaches leave a waste, in the form of pellets or an ink-like liquid. Their waste also has a bad odor and soils areas where they live.

How do roaches get in your house?

• Roaches come into the house by hiding in grocery bags, clothing, and other household goods, or through openings around screens, pipes, or doors.

• Roaches live any place where they find:
- Food
- Water
- A Place to Hide

How to prevent roaches from living in your house.

• Since roaches can hide in folds of paper bags and cardboard boxes, unpack and check supplies before putting them into storage areas.

• Check all food products for signs of roaches. Discard any food that has been in contact with roaches.