We have had a roach problem and PestShield has been such a big help. They would come out and spray and they would be gone for a while. Last time we had Jeremy and he went an extra mile and found a major source of the problem that had not been found before behind our refrigerator. He said it might take a couple more times to rid of the pests once an for all. He came out today and did round two. I truly have faith in him and PestShield. All the people are so nice and are very knowledgeable. I highly recommend them.

D Camens

Honest, on time and poliet. How refreshing.. awesome!!!

R Burtrand

Jeremy Paterra is very courteous and helpful to all our members. When he arrives and treats the condos for ants and other critters are residents are always very grateful and complimentary of his professionalism. They call him the ant man! Thanks

ShorewalkPalms CA

I would like to compliment, Randall Carlson, the Pest Shield technician, who provided services in our residence in Cobblestone. His thoroughness and friendliness was quite refreshing. I believe he is a valuable asset to Pest Shield.

In adddition Kris, the Service Manager, was also very informative and friendly, and the prices given were very good for the services provided.

D Franks

I have been a customer of Pest Shield for the past 4 years... They were contracted through my condo association and when I purchased a single family home I continued my service with them... I have also recommended Pest Shield to several of my neighbors as well... Brandon comes out to my home on many occasions and always does a fabulous job!!! He is detail oriented and always explains the best treatment plan... He is very professional and does a great job treating my home. Brandon is very respectful, kind and is a hard worker. He always calls ahead to let me know he is on his way which I appreciate greatly... Brandon is a true asset to Pestshield and I look forward to seeing him return to my home in the future... If you are reading this review and are considering service - rest assure you will be in great hands with this company... They do an outstanding job !!

L Morris

Logan was extremely polite and professional. Excellent customer service. Explained why I was having the issue and went above and beyond in making sure it would no longer occur. I called for ants and he actually noticed a basil plant I keep inside was starting to have flies so he suggested I move it outside. Great young man.

L Shoot II

I am so glad I called Pest Shield. After getting a few estimates for treating my office and my home, Pest Shield had the best price. The tech that came out did a great job and explained what he was doing. My wife felt very comfortable with him as well and she said he seemed like he really cared and was very polite.

K Henault

I had the distinct pleasure to meet the owner of PestShield (Carm DiBella) about 8 years ago. I was president of the Board Of Directors at my condo complex at that time, and we were seeking a pest control company that would take excellent care of us. We found such a company in PestShield.

Whether it is the owner, the ladies who answer the phone, or the techs who come on site, PestShield has taken care of our pest issues with speed, the highest degree of professionalism, and respect for the resident having the problem.

I highly recommend Carm and his company. (Call them and see for yourself. You will be well taken care of...!)

Ralph C

I called PestSheild for my ghost ant problem. Your service man, Brandon, was very helpful and informative. Hopefully within a week or two there will be no more!

J Loeffler

Recently we purchased a short sale home that had been sitting vacant for almost 2 years. The yard was so overgrown that roof rats were able to easily access the attic and totally take over.

Not only did the rodents rip to shreds most of the Air Conditioning Duct work - but they made their homes in the countless boxes of clothing and junk left by the previous owners. The inside of the house was not much better - the previous owners left it filthy with much trash that became a very nice home to roaches, silverfish and who knows what else.

I knew there was only one pest control company who I could trust to take care of this mess. If it were not for PestShield we may not even have purchased the home because the insect and rodent problem was that horrible.

One phone call and they were at the house almost before I could hang up. After 2 weeks of live trapping and treatment of the home and yard we were pest and rodent free. They came back after we had moved in and did a follow up treatment and termite prevention treatment, and we have signed up for their quarterly maintenance program.

For over 5 years I have known Carm and Terri, and have spoken with countless associates and fellow networkers who have used PestShield and can not stop raving about the quality of their service. Not only are they highly professional - they are just terrific people.

We can sleep peacefully knowing our home is pest and rodent free. PestShield is truly the best friend a home could have.

S Krawczyk

Jeremy was the most helpful man I ever had work for me. He was polite, efficient, and was an expert at his work. He went above and beyond.

R Landers

Outstanding service, great to work with, very professional. Highly recommend.

Dan K

Five stars. Great local company! Office staff are always friendly. Technicians are very knowledgeable. Would highly recommend their services to everyone.
ena raaymakers

We have used Pest Shield for our home and business locations. They have a professional staff from the office to the field. The service is always very thorough. The technicians are very knowledgeable about the service they provide and take the time to go over anything they see that could be a potential issue. We have also recommended to our family and friends. They are a company you can trust. No ifs ants or bugs about for sure!!

T McEachern

I moved here from Chicago almost 2 years ago and a friend asked me if I wanted to work for a pest control company. I said NO, but my boys would! So, they hired both my kids (Jimmy & Brandon) and they'be been working for them ever since. My boys do a great job and I'd hire them! Thanks for keeping them employed :)


Thank you Jeremy P. ! You sprayed for fleas today and called me afterwards to explain everything. You are polite and professional. So glad fleas will be gone!

K Scalzitti

I have a service with them and they are great. It is nice to know that I do not have to renew all the time as I would forget. My price has never gone up with each year that has past. Where can you go and get a great service that the price is always the same

D Austin

Best service ever

Jt Davis

The crew is great! Nice, kind and efficient. They really know their stuff and won't give you what you don't need.

K Kesler

This is a great company. I had bedbugs and they only did 2 treatment. Ever since then, I haven't seen any. Its been 9 months. I sleep well. They are also afortable. 5 thumbs up. I would recommend to my friends and family.

R Prime

Exceptional service, knowledgeable technicians, polite office staff, 5 out of 5.

M Superserialguys

Carm and Teri DiBella, Pestshield owners, are dedicated to their business and customer service. They are committed to educating their customers and potential customers on topics pertinent to the season. I have had the pleasure of working with them on many events and know that I can count on them to come through on any request. Recently, I used them in my personal home. Their level of service was top notch. They solved my pest issues. I highly recommend.

P Lutz

I've had several different pest control companies come out and PestShield was the company that was finally able to get rid of our problems!

J Robbins

I was very impressed with their service and their technician. I had ants trailing in my kitchen and their technician found the source of the problem. I have no more issues with ants. Thank you Pestshield.

D Fraser

Great people and excellent service. They solve your pest problem.

J Festa